Opulent Hearts Clothing/ Opulent Vending Services/ Opulent Consulting & Trading 


Opulent Hearts Clothing
Opulent Hearts is a unique brand based out of Chicago, IL. Our brand aspire to create a perfect mixture of underground, street and high fashion styles. We specialize in customized designs for not only the fashionably savvy, but also the consumer that’s  looking to add simple and unique pieces to their wardrobe or home.

Opulent Vending Services
Opulent Vending Services offers a healthy alternative to snacks and drinks. With 24/7 monitoring and customer service, our company strive to provide the best vending experience to our clients. 

Opulent Consulting & Trading 
New to the stock market? Looking for a way to make extra cash? Opulent Consultant Services provides E-Learning courses to fit your needs. Learn to invest and trade stock options. Learn about real estate, vending services and much more! We also offer the convenience of scheduling a consult to discuss stock options to get you prepared and ready your trading journey. 





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